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This is the first release since the debut album 2013. The EP is an intense uncompromising journey through four very different emotions, that the songs express. The album is 100% self funded and managed.


released March 13, 2018

Past The Night:
Stephan Skipper: All vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Glockenspiel, Percussion / Ask Nørholm: Lead Guitar, Electric Guitars, Ukulele / Todd Erk: Electric Bass / Patrick Berkery: Drums /

Take What’s Yours:
Stephan Skipper: All vocals, Ukulele, Percussion / Todd Erk: Electric Bass

Northern Light:
Stephan Skipper: All vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Glockenspiel, Percussion

Hey There:
Stephan Skipper: All vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Percussion

All songs are written, produced and engineered* by Stephan Skipper at Anchor Point Studio in Melbourne, Australia

*Additional engineered by Brian McTear: drums on “Past The Night”
*Additional engineered by Ask Norhom: Electric guitars on “Past The Night”

Mixed by Brian McTear and Matt Poirier at Miner Street Recordings Philadelphia

Mastered by Paul Hammond

Cover Photo by Andy Lee


all rights reserved



SKIPPER Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Past The Night
Past The Night
(Stephan Skipper)

Passed the night where you made your way out
You lost the fight - separate
There to know, to sigh, when the lights hit the window pane
Looking out, shape your world or loose a day

All our love couldn’t change our day dreams
We laughed about it, second day
The you were mad you’d say - you tried your best
It took you a whole life, don’t ask for the rest

Don't tell me right from wrong
Tell me, be light be strong
Leave stones to mark your way
I won't be far away

How many restless nights, hoping our love survives
Tell me where do you go
I won't be far away
Track Name: Take What's Yours
Take What's Yours
(Stephan Skipper)

Take what's yours and care tomorrow.
While you were playing dead, a ghost run-away,
Riding all the way, you smelled the gold.
When you ploughed in your own, you made love,
So alive it made your day.

Take what's yours and remind me to watch.
Sweat your tears at home, you sing with the blade,
and all the years you add will end anyway.... so, sweat alone
Track Name: Northern Light
Northern Light
(Stephan Skipper)

Northern Light
There's a northern light, riding from your eyes like a place you could go to.
When that mother light told me you're running wild, chasing ghosts, training them to fight.

Stop the raid on this ocean of regret
Our love should not behave
I can see the reasons
Our light can not escape
Track Name: Hey There
Hey There
(Stephan Skipper)

Hey there, I want you alive
Hey there, know what you alight

Before you choose to write off all your pain
Trust the crescent moon and let it wane

Hey there, I want you alive
Hey there, know what you alight

I see a broken world just cut you down
And only strength of heart will pull you through
Turn around and face eternal sound
And lift the haze that blurs the lines in you

Hey there

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